EBEC Challenge is a 2 — phased, team-based competition in 2 categories — Team Design and Case Study. Both categories are based on interdisciplinary tasks developed for students of technology. Each student that comes from a technical university where a Local BEST Group is operating has the right to take part in EBEC Challenge. For students, this is a unique opportunity to showcase their talent, ingenuity, intelligence, original thinking, as well as compete with other students of VNTU for the right to represent our beautiful city at the National Stage of the Competition.


IT-Revolution is a competition in the hackaton format on programming and computer graphics, which is conducted on the basis of Vinnitsa National Technical University. Competitions of this format are aimed at revealing students’ skills, as well as showing their potential not only to themselves but also to the partners of the event — leading IT companies who are interested in employing students who can demonstrate and demonstrate their abilities. Participation in the competition is free. Delicious lunches, prizes and interesting lectures from companies are waiting for you too.


Job Fair is an exhibition of vacancies of leading companies in Vinnytsia and Ukraine for students and graduates, which will be held for the third time in the walls of Vinnitsa National Technical University. The goal of the project is to provide students with opportunities to work, and companies to find young professionals.

JF for students is an exclusive opportunity to communicate directly with a potential employer and get a job or internship in a promising company.

JF for companies is a unique opportunity to find young and enterprising workers, highly skilled employees, and the best way to present a company to students when they plan their future career.


Season BEST courses are short educational courses lasting from 7 to 14 days with participation.
20-30 students — students of European Technical Universities, where there are local ones
BEST locations. Courses include a rich academic program on a specific subject, as well
also an introduction to the culture of the country in which the course is conducted. Summer 2016
49 courses are presented in different cities of Europe. The selection of participants is based on
motivational letters.
The purpose: to increase the level of professional knowledge of students in various technical and practical
economic spheres in relation to the latest state of the art.